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Tower of Dawn: Cover Reveal (and my unnecessesary stress)

As I am behind the times, I’ve only just seen the cover for the next Throne of Glass book. (I am also behind the times in the sense that I have not read Maas’ other book series.)

So here it is:

31450852It’s, well – it’s a deviation from the norm, isn’t it? We’re all used to Celaena/Aelin/whatever-she’s-going-by-nowadays taking up the cover with weapons of choice, and I don’t think I was the only one who assumed Chaol would be adopting a similar position (this one was literally referred to as the ‘Chaol novel’ until it got a proper title).

Quite a few people seem disappointed for this reason, or else underwhelmed. I’m less underwhelmed than I was about the Empire of Storms cover, which features human-powered flames that have the poor design to match the ones in the first Hunger Games film. I like that we get to see some of the settings we’ll visit next in the series, rather than just Celaena’s fancy dresses and fighting gear.

I have a different concern. This is the US cover and as soon as I saw it, I knew the UK one was going to do something strange. In case you don’t know, the covers were changed to plain white backgrounds and spines and they look pretty cool.

This particular design wasn’t going to work with a swap for a plain background. And so comes a great fear of all those with about three hundred books in their room: inconsistent covering.

19379333_459816144382144_6085258073272745984_nWhy did they replace the cool mountainside city with some feathers and some paint splotches? I really don’t understand. But the most annoying part is that they could have incorporated a white background with that change. And they didn’t. Because why?

This is basically a non-issue but it’s also causing me a mild amount of stress. Where exactly do I place this thing on my bookshelf? I like chronology – either publication order or plot order – but there’s going to be no winning with this one. You can either place it between Empire of Storms and the final book – the order of publication and the order of plot events – but then there’ll be a random blue book among all the white spines. Alternatively, you can stick it between the prequel, The Assassin’s Blade which is also blue for some reason, and the first book, Throne of Glass, seeing as the new book is really just a glorified spin-off. But that option makes no sense in terms of chronology.

I don’t like this. It’s nearly as bad as a complete cover change (I have to buy the limited collector’s editions of The Bone Season books from now on). And it makes no sense. Is it the sixth book in the series as publicised on GoodReads, or is it a spin-off like The Assassin’s Blade as the colour scheme seems to suggest?

eBook sales are dropping, and that might well be because everyone wants to look proudly at their shelf-arranging handiwork, snap a picture and stick it on Instagram.

I hope I’m not the only one who experiences a minor, and probably unhealthy, obsession for book arrangement. Are there any books that can never find a place on your shelf? What are some book series that have caused you unnecessary stress because of a change in cover design? Please reassure me that I’m not the only one who needs better things to think about worries about this!


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