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Second Year Struggles | September Writing Updates

My Path to 100k is a new blog series in which I struggle to reach the end of my current writing project, and reach my goal of 100,000 words, before the end of 2017. Follow my blog or my Twitter and Instagram to read along. Alternatively, you can read the first post here. Thank you for stopping by!

I have been notedly absent from here and from all social media. There is a reason for this and it is one that I fully anticipated: the summer holiday is over (all fourteen weeks of it for me) and I have a new timetable, a new room and a renewed fear of failure.

My days have been getting fuller over the past (nearly) two weeks and that’s just going to keep happening. Not that I’m complaining. But here have been my non-writing related activities:

  • 30th August: a trip to London to see the Cursed Child
  • 1-3rd September: a Harry Potter marathon with my brother (because priorities) while throwing around things to bring down to uni
  • 4-5th September: moving into said uni again
  • 6th September: buying out the entire Harry Potter collection in the Primark on Oxford Street (again, because priorities)
  • 7-9th September: meeting everyone again and getting up to… miscellaneous university activities O.O
  • 10-12th September: packing in as much reading with the hope that I won’t become tragically behind before the second week of term

Does that mean I’ve been sticking to my daily writing target? Absolutely not. I do, however, know significantly more about Catherine Howard and girls’ schooling between 1770 and 1820 than I did last week. I also formed the last threads of my story during the aforementioned Harry Potter marathon, so I guess it was all worth it really.

The rest of September is probably just going to get busier, so I’m just going to hope that I stay vaguely on track. It’s the months after that have me worried. They had me worried before actually, but this dodgy start is making it worse. How am I going to get to 100,000 words while doing well in my courses (which actually count this time)? How am I supposed to fit in my personal reading (which I need so I don’t forget how to write) while leaving to see the light of the day and its social interactions?

I can only think of one method to achieve this: adopting the position of a shaking ball of stress like I did during the last few months of my A Levels. But, if I’m honest, I don’t fancy that.

If anyone has some tips relating to balancing writing and school/work, then please leave a comment. I’d love to read what you have to say and I’ll probably need it!



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