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Asking For It | Louise O’Neill

Chilling and upsetting – but a 100% must-read

A book by its concept


Imagine waking up the morning after a party with no memory of what happened. Imagine that everyone else knows but you. Imagine that social media serves as the only means to piece everything back together in horrifying detail. For Emma O’Donovan, eighteen years old, this is not something she can only imagine.

The worst part of reading this book is the knowledge that this not a concept conjured by the author – this is, in one form or another, a reality stretching across the world. The book was partially inspired by real-life cases and the following media reaction. It’s a result of speaking to victims, reading news stories and analysing wider attitudes towards rape. Continue reading “Asking For It | Louise O’Neill”

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Only Ever Yours | Louise O’Neill

Young Adult dystopia at its best

A book by its concept

Set in a dystopian world where girls are no longer born naturally but created artificially, this book explores the impact of gender roles on young women’s lives. It has been described as the Young Adult vision of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, so expectations are high. Continue reading “Only Ever Yours | Louise O’Neill”

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A New Type of Reader

After years of watching BookTube and browsing Goodreads, I decided it was time to have my own stab in the dark at joining the book review world! I always lap up anything with the mildest description of YA, from cringey guilty-pleasures to hidden gems that leave me bawling.

The coming year is looking to be another excellent year on the YA front: amongst others, we’re (finally) receiving the third instalment of Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season series, Sarah J Maas’ Court of Mist and Fury series is coming to a close and Patrick Ness’ seventh YA book, Release, will be in our hands in May. Continue reading “A New Type of Reader”